Do you have a high-tech business idea or company

It is a real big world out there.

You need someone on your side that understands tech , that can sell tech.

Is your product or idea marketable or brandable

We can help you with that!!!

Do you someone to give your plan a sanity check?

We can help your tailor your business plan to what investor and purchasing companies want to see.

and don't know the next step, or need to find partners to grow your company.

What we do...

We connect high-tech early-stage startups with Joint Ventures Partners and funding sources.

We understand high-tech and focus on a few clients per year.

We have a proven approach to evaluating start-up quality.

VC & Angel Intro

We have an extensive network of investors, which is comprised of over 700 venture capital firms, Angels and many private investors. For clients seeking $250,000 to $2 million, we typically seek Angel investors to take them to next level. For clients seeking over $2 million, we typically find them partners within industry that may be seeking to buying into such a technology.

We help you succeed

We have helped build many successful startups. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you succeed.
Your ideas, passion and imagination with our contacts, and packaging expertise will lead to successful partnerships and sales.