How to submit a preliminary Business plan.

It should be no longer than five pages and should include: Business and Products Company’s business or product name Product or service description Development schedule Differentiation Price point Market Trends Historic and projected sizes in dollars Distribution Sales channels Partnerships Customers Competitive advantages Leadership Team Management background Board members Financial … Continue reading

Best Crowdfunding Sites by Niche

Crowdfunding for Non-Profits, Charitable Causes, and Social Activists Their cut: Nothing. Causes runs on ad revenue. A 4% transaction fee still applies. Perks: Free analytics to perfect your campaign along the way. Caveats: Must be a registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) to fundraise on Causes. All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what … Continue reading

Intellectual Property Consulting

We aspire to be your intellectual property (IP) consulting firm. We demonstrate both knowledge and know-how in the strategic use of high technology and content IP. Our professional services maximize financial results for clients that seek to develop and execute IP strategies, strengthen and monetize IP portfolios, and establish and … Continue reading

Infrastructure level video compression

Thank you for getting here… If your in internet or communications business please read on, it could change the way you look at bandwidth again, and it works. What would it mean for your company to save 20%-30% of its video bandwidth and storage needs without changing anything. A little … Continue reading

Useful Financial Websites

Useful Financial Websites TAXES: Internal Revenue Service Government Agencies: Social Security Administration News: The Wall Street Journal New York Times Calculators Smart Bond Investing Accrued Interest Calculator Retirement Calculator College Savings Calculator Loan Calculator Savings Calculator 401(k) and IRA Minimum Required Distribution Calculator Link Disclosure: The information being provided is strictly … Continue reading