With SANE Capital, you get more than just money. You get experience, connections, and a level of engagement that makes a real difference. We become your partner and make our money through your grow and profitability.

The firm has helps steer many ideas to successful conclusion by working in partnership with management teams, pairing talented and passionate entrepreneurs with industry experts, opening doors to customers, and collaborating on sound long-term strategies.

We make investments across all stages of a company’s growth – from seed capital through late stage growth equity and growth buyouts. Whether you are looking for your first customer or want to expand your customer base, we can open new doors for you through our network of contacts. Our investments range from several hundred hundred dollars of seed capital up to $250 thousand of growth equity capital. We have the capability, by partnering with other Capital affiliates, to lead transactions requiring equity capital in excess of $10 million.

As you and your company grow, your needs will change along the way. We invest in companies at multiple stages and can help ease the transition of growth regardless of your starting point. As an active and engaged partner, we listen to your business needs and leverage our experience and expertise to help accelerate your path to success. We’ve added value to many companies join our team by getting to know each other.

Whether it’s a new idea or getting to the next stage, growing a company is tough. We’ll help you because we know what it is like. as we’ve helped others like you before.

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