How it works

SANE CAPITAL is an online marketplace to help businesses find low cost loans quickly and investors get better returns. There are no middlemen, no banks, and no lengthy delays. By directly connecting people who want to invest money with vetted, established businesses who want to borrow money, we eliminate the cost and complexity of the banking world. It’s simple, we’re better for business, better for investors, better all around.

One person lends to lots of creditworthy businesses spreading their risk.
One business borrows from lots of different people and accept the lowest interest rate offers.

People get great returns and businesses get lower cost loans, fast.

There are three typical business models depending on

A. Under a $1000

B. $1000 to $5000

C. $5000 to $50,000

Typical means just that, every deal is different and varies depending on what investors and business owners agree on. We suggest ideas on terms but ultimately the parties agree on particulars.

Typically we pay investors 8% on their monies, we collect 10% from business owner.

Though interest may seem high for business owner these are short term loans with no prepayment penalty that are typically paid off in less than a year, so actual interest paid will be under the 10%. So typically something like 1% per month is more like it.

Investors and business owners will send and receive funds via PayPal or other bank transfer method.

A new entrepreneur may borrow $500 to start a business and then a few months later borrow $2000 or $3000 for additional equipment or inventory. Perhaps a few years later if business goes well he may borrow $20 or 30 thousand dollars to further expand his business.

Banks are not really lending to small business and if they do they are not doing so easily. We look at all factors on a loan, and help business owner provide a case for a loan. We can provide some expertise in helping them plan their business idea and use of funds.

We do background checks on people asking for loans to make sure information given is truthful, we may ask for more information, and explanation. Ultimately the investor will decide which deals they will fund and how much they will charge to do loan. As a marketplace for these loans is established competition within it will keep costs down. As business clients earn a track record investors will be willing to charge less and give business owner more money.

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