How to submit a preliminary Business plan.

It should be no longer than five pages and should include:

    • Business and Products
      • Company’s business or product name
      • Product or service description
      • Development schedule
      • Differentiation
      • Price point
    • Market
      • Trends
      • Historic and projected sizes in dollars
    • Distribution
      • Sales channels
      • Partnerships
      • Customers
      • Competitive advantages
    • Leadership Team
      • Management background
      • Board members
    • Financial
      • Historic and projected P&L
      • Projected cash flow
      • Current balance sheet
      • Projected head count by area(i.e., sales, marketing, engineering, Q&A)
      • Capitalization
  • Deal
    • Amounts raised
    • Valuation

If you need or want an NDA, please send us first a synopsis and attach an NDA. We will look at both before proceeding further.

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