Intellectual Property Consulting

We aspire to be your intellectual property (IP) consulting firm. We demonstrate both knowledge and know-how in the strategic use of high technology and content IP. Our professional services maximize financial results for clients that seek to develop and execute IP strategies, strengthen and monetize IP portfolios, and establish and implement Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) practices. We employ unique approaches and methodologies, to create a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Intangible assets have become important determinants of market value. Because these assets are a basis for value and because IP portfolios are central to business strategy, companies are being rewarded for the value that they extract from their intangible assets.

Businesses need new ways to generate, document, and realize the value of strategic intellectual assets. With an actionable strategy in place, businesses can communicate this value to shareholders, prospective investors, and public markets.

To create competitive advantages, best-in-class companies:

  • Capture, manage, and protect IP from competitors
  • Build, utilize, and convert IP into profit
  • Apply systematic intelligence processes that accelerate innovation and invention
  • Invent new technology that is in line with their business objectives
  • Review patents to ensure that paths around their IP are identified and protected
  • Package their IP value in a story that creates investor confidence
  • Commercialize IP and generate revenue
  • Sales of IP content



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