Can we promise you tremendous growth and no risk for your investment dollar? In a one word, no.

However, the solution for making money and not losing money is managing risk. knowing your risks, spreading your risks and active management to keep an eye on the ball.

Would you rather lend General Motors $100,000 at 4%, or 20 establish growing local business $5000 each? You would be in a partnership with 10 other people, including ourselves. The businesses will grow, we will grow and our risk is spread.

We form partnerships to fund a group of small businesses, thereby spreading the risk. Small businesses can do better than large business in this economy, but they lack one thing, capital for growth. They also lack the know how to get there, banks don’t provide any at this point.

So some may ask, Isn’t this like many of the Ponzi schemes we have heard about? Not at all, you do not give us any money. You fund a partnership, which we are part owner of also, that becomes a part owner in a group company. We do receive fees from partnership, all of which are disclosed before you sign anything. We are on board of companies and are involved in management decisions of the companies. We only make money if the partnership makes money. So we keep our eyes wide open for anything going on and make sure business dealings are well documented.

So as an investor you should be able to earn a great rate, control your level of risk, withdraw your money when you need to. Simply sell your loans onto other investors when you need access to your money.We assess every business application and only let the creditworthy ones through. We also give each business a rating so you can choose your level of risk.

Something so simple and yet so rewarding As you read this, people all over want to grow their small business, but without access to capital, will always be $10,000 away. What if you stepped in and used your portfolio to help fulfill their dreams? You will give then an opportunity to transform their lives, you’ll invest in something you can believe in, and earn a good return.

Investor safety
Like any investment never invest more than you can afford to lose. Don’t invest all your money in one deal, spread the risk over several deals. Try it out with a small sum first. The whole idea here is to keep things sane. We will also balance out portfolios to reduce risk. You pick the risk level you want.


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