A Game Changer in the Medical Arena

The pharmaceutical and supplement business is being drastically changed by Nano technology. Pharmaceutical companies are spending billions in order to achieve what our  client has, the nano encapsulation of these drugs,  allowing them to be water soluble and be taken orally with almost 100% effectiveness. Many of today’s drugs like insulin need not be injected any more. No more shots, IVs or taking dozens of pills. Simply put nano-technology is a game changer in the medical field, with many billions to be made.

Millions of people would no longer suffer, injecting insulin to themselves. Instead, they would sprinkle a few drops of their insulin medicine in a glass of water, in their tea or a fruit juice.  The technology developed  is mature and various substances in small and medium-sized quantities are produced continuously. The effectiveness of the drugs and supplements has been tested by leading institutes.
This revolutionary technology is now mature and its huge potential unquestioned, presently client is an incredible investment opportunity. The list of interested companies from the United States and other countries around the world can be presented.  Serious investors can review the relevant document. Client is negotiating  with interested parties from the world-wide, and several prominent enterprises are interested in multi-million deals. 

Our client is dealing with potential orders from India for the production of vitamin D 3 of hundreds of millions of dollars. Considering the magnitude of the market covered by this special nano technology,  the value of our client over the medium term will sum up to several billion dollars.

Our client is looking for first stage equity financing in order fulfill orders and further develop the market place. This bridge financing will allow company to expand operations until a larger investment partner can be found.

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