Our mission

The modern financial system is anything but modern for the small business, or entrepreneur.  If anything it’s slow, complacent and failing businesses and investors alike. So we want to change it one client at a time,  by providing a modern, speedy, hassle-free service that gives businesses and investors a better deal. Our goal is to help those great innovators be successful and not die in the red tape or the sea of false promises. We are not the biggest, but we care about our partners. We almost never take money, we take small ownership positions, we make money when you make money. We build your capital and business, and only charge for what have accomplished for you.

Sane Capital opened in August 2012 and since then has been constantly expanding our team. The company was founded by Tony Lester, who set himself the challenge of removing the high costs and complexity in financial services by cutting out the banks. Having been a serial entrepreneur, he understands how badly small businesses are understood and helped by the traditional financial system.

We’re proud of our firm, the experience of our team and the breadth of our network – let’s talk about how we can put these resources to work for you. Our goal is to be your financial dream team and  partner for life. All consultations are free and confidential.


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