TIPS on Talking with us.

IT is very simple to deal with us, but we have rules. We look at hundreds of projects a year, and we work with a a couple of handful of people. We are all friends, partners, and want to make money, but we understand it is about having the right fit. So here

  1. We prefer everything in writing, don’t call us
  2. Send us your Linkedin Profile, Resume, Facebook, etc… We want to know you.
  3. Send us your synopsis, elevator pitch, a paragraph, or a brief description of your idea without going into details.
  4. Do not send us your complete idea or business plan without an NDA unless you feel you really trust every one with it. Simply, we don’t want to be responsible if we are already working on something like it. That is why it is important for us to read your synopsis, it is our way of avoiding any conflicts of interest before we go further together.
  5. Please be clear on all present relationships, partners and anyone involved in project.
  7. What are your issues going to market?
  8. What do you need help in?
  9. Always be honest, do not lie to us, we can tell sooner or later. You Lie once,  your out. And yes, we do extreme due diligence -we owe to our investors and ourselves.
  10. Just follow 1 to 10, specially 1 and 9

We really invest in People  not companies, of course ideas are important. But it is your desires that drive the business and how you can work with others.

We look forward to working with you.






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