Infrastructure level video compression

Thank you for getting here… If your in internet or communications business please read on, it could change the way you look at bandwidth again, and it works.

What would it mean for your company to save 20%-30% of its video bandwidth and storage needs without changing anything. A little solution to a big problem.

  • As you know video bandwidth consumption currently accounts for more than 70% of all Internet traffic, and consumption is increasing at a rapid rate.
  • Our system compresses your present video stream beyond H.264 an additional 30% without any loss of quality.
  • We use your present MP3/MP4 files, no new players or hardware are needed.
  • This technology can also be used across all architectures without changing any hardware or software, it is not platform specific.
  • Our approach is completely different compared to the rest of the compression technologies.
  • Currently H.264 is universally accepted as the Top Level standard. Our process is currently optimized to integrate with H.264 and new VPX HTML5 upcoming CoDec and uniquely compresses H.264 in a 6 x ratio (x6) and at least 2 x ratio vs. H.264.
  • Our team of engineers, physics and mathematicians studied the human eye, psychology and physics to determine what needs to be in the frame.
  • Our technology is fully developed and ready to use now.

If you feel this might be a good technological fit for your companies strategic developmentĀ  let’s put together a test with your files, and you can see the results yourself, massive compression, with no lose in quality.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I can be reached best by email [email protected], or you can call me directly at 786-246-7853

Best Regards,
Tony Lester

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